This November women will be celebrating the centenary of the enactment of the Amendment giving women of the United states to Vote.  It was a landmark in the history of women in the United States.  The Golden thread of feminism is the striving for self-determination. Women of history have taken many pathways as individuals and as congregations of sisters.

In celebration of Women’s History Month 2016 The Georgia Federation of Democratic Women’s chapter The 9th District Democratic Women’s  Network solicited and collected a number of original biographies and sketches of women, especially Georgians,  of history,.The profiles and vignettes feature women who  surmounted the challenges of cultural and legal obstacles and cleared segments of the path to women’s partnership with men pursuing that universal human right to  self-determination.

A brief survey survey of  the early and later history of the “movement” may be found  by selecting from the menu “A history to Cherish.” “Pathfinders” is an archive of that  section that is no longer a part of the 9th District Democratic Women’s Network first website which has since been replaced. To access each profile/vignette,  hover the mouse hand over the menu item  Pathfinders” for drop down menu. Left click to select.

Other content from the original website will be gradually added with time as new material will be added also.

W. Lorraine Watkins, 2020