When women get together things happen  More often than not when men get together it is to start a war.

It is my hope that the the history or our creative and activist sisters before us, and today will encourage women to gather, to converse, to plan and to act. I honor Georgia’s Ninth District Democratic Women’s Network’s  early success in gathering gratifying numbers of North Georgia  women  in conversation.

I have been reminded me of Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller  and her “Conversations.”  Margaret was to become America’s first, or one of the first “talk the talk and walk the walk” feminists. She was a passionate advocate for self determination as the right of all women recognizing it as the universal human right endowed by simply being alive. (A biography of her is in process.)

The birth of American Feminism, the political Movement is credited with being in 1848 at the Seneca Falls Convention, New York. It was a gathering of women and men sympathetic to the cause. The convention was organized and called by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. These two women were abolitionists who first met in on the journey to  the 1840 World Anti-Slavery Convention in London. The movement developed in these ocean voyage Conversations.  Suffrage for women was  early on chosen as a defined goal.

Though the movement was contemporaneously and still often is portrayed as the “adventure for privileged white women” that was never the case. Far from comprehensive this section represents an effort to represent the wide spectrum of actors and actions who comprise the history of women’s striving for securing protections in the law and culture  the  right to self-determination that is due all humans.  Is roots commingled  with those of abolition ironically led to a tragic break between African American  women and their white sisters following the Civil War.  it created a broken circle that now cries to be repaired.

I believe that today we are have the chance to close that circle and affirm  that bond among  us all. Not without the expense of great activist efforts  the vigorous Black women’s and Black Lives movements rising have in recent years led the way in activism securing human rights.  They and the current political atmosphere of misogyny and more recently threat to abortion rights has brought forward green shoots of  re-invigorating feminist  white women to joining in activism.

Reporting, essays, columns, vignettes and anecdotes by any who have read this far are solicited.  Any topic, including challenges to assumptions and opinions   expressed here, is welcome.

Note: I have been working in my mind  online with history focusing on the lives of Women in history. Much of this section’s content first appeared on the “>Ninth District Democratic Women’s Network website.

Your Editor,  W. Lorraine Watkins June 20, 2019