On Givens: Mental health focus is key to gun violence

Crosspost of my comments on Gainesville Times blog: http://www.gainesvilletimes.com/section/24/article/78879/ I am quite aware that the authors of op ed columns do not write the headlines. I  hate to see this excellent description of the profound needs for diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in this country by a headline that I see as misleading. The headline […]

Eugene Patterson

The weekend brings news of the death of Eugene Patterson.  The New York Times obituary refreshes my memory of those years. I know his  and Ralph McGill’s Atlanta Journal Constitution columns. Writing during our greatest period of Civil Rights activism, they confronted southern racism in Atlanta and the deep south with words tht were transforming […]

How to move a culture

Good conversation yesterday with friends at Sweet Breads for lunch.  Among the topics was how to communicate and bring disparate philosophies into comity if not agreement. I tend to agree that a culture is transformed gradually, one by one through discourse and likely fully by no other way. Simple oppression of one viewpoint is only to, in […]

The News

As I recount on the newly revived Morning Worship, I find myself once again saturated with the acid of acrimonious politics and it begins to change my own pH. The Morning Worship diary project is one of the remedies that has worked in the past. Another is to diminish my exposure to the overheated Television and the Internet blogs. […]