The Worship of Violence

I have for some years of watching life be lived come to the belief that, whether the individual or the society, what prevails is what we admire.  Our lives, and those of our progeny,  become the beneficiaries of the values we hold dearest. These comments are prelude to the most recent visitation of mass violence […]

Book Review: What Kinship is and What it is Not.

This is a two part essay by Marshall Sahlins, well regarded anthropologist who recently resigned from the National Academy of Sciences  in protest of the body’s election of Napoleon Chagon to membership.  The NPR account of this caught my eye and I picked up the book. For me this was a difficult read but I […]

The Fundamentalists – Billy Graham

Comment on Joan King Column — Defining the nature of our reality. April 3,2013 At the risk of banality; living life is a pretty complicated process. I think Ms. King is describing the Rev. Graham columns as stimulating her thought processes as to religion. She incorporates his ideas along with her experiences and learning […]