The Worship of Violence

I have for some years of watching life be lived come to the belief that, whether the individual or the society, what prevails is what we admire.  Our lives, and those of our progeny,  become the beneficiaries of the values we hold dearest.

These comments are prelude to the most recent visitation of mass violence in Boston. The specific victims are just that and not to be the recipients of “blame” but, at most, hubris. No one jumping to his death from a high widow can be other than a tragic ignorance of the working of nature.

We may decry the viciousness of violence and mourn those among us who become its victims; but our laws and ideologies are formed from the  claimed virtue,  the “right” to bear lethal weapons and use them at a hair trigger provocation.
“Due process” has become bypassed and perverted to the point of meaninglessness through the process of preemption; preemptive killing, whether in preemptive wars, targeted individuals on the basis of “signature” behavior  or defense of home and property when believing they might be in danger.    There is little suggestion that in practice consideration is given to the rights of targets or to their impact on world opinion.
These rights to lethal weapons and their use  are so admired they are extended to virtually every individual in the nation based on the notion that the Constitution endows each of us with the inalienable right to commit violence even  in the cause of sedition and rebellion.  When will sanity prevail?

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