This is a cross post of my comment on a FaceBook entry. I like how I have said it and thought it worthwhile to be sharing here. I have no interest in partisanship around this essential need for our nation. I have made some minor edits from the original.

We need not just the politicians and business people to strive to make it  [the ACA] work. We need all of us.

IMO if the Media, GOP and Blue Dogs continue to criticize and, (in the case of the Senate, House and States) actively obstruct implementation of critical aspects the ACA is in danger of collapsing from its greatest design flaw, reliance on  market driven private forces. It is irrational to assume private insurance or employers  in private business to facilitate anything they see not in their short term bottom line.

Remember funding to hospitals for care of the uninsured is gone. The GOP led states could partially remedy this by voluntarily expanding Medicaid. Otherwise  a number of small hospitals will close and in desperation there will be little choice but to divert from Medicare benefits to support emergency room treatment of the poor. If insurance companies are given a legal way out of complying with ACA required  benefits by the GOP in the House and Blue Dogs in the Senate, that will add to an even greater number of uninsured in the emergency room. 

If the media continues to distort the ordinary properties of insurance of any kind., the anger resentment and splitting among us could be enough in its own right to bring it down. You pay when you can for the times that may happen when you can’t.

A society is held together by sharing risk. It cannot not survive without sharing.

My take on the current position of the health care act
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