I don’t think people realize how marginal medical care is right NOW in the US — observably and in comparison with the other developed nations; and some not so developed. I am truly concerned at the damage being done to the entire system by these “glitches” in the ACA Get ready. The small business delay IMO is big and won’t get lost in the holidays.

The poor in need of Medicaid expansion and small businesses represent a huge percentage of those to be benefited by the ACA. The states are torpedoing the Medicaid expansion and now there will be a full year delay in help for small business, which tends to have a loud voice. IMO this does not bode well for the overall program. ( I try not to waste time gnashing my teeth at the incompetence in the Obama administration which is the cause of much of the hazards to the program.)

Don’t waste your time complaining I am just being negative. Put the energy into supporting what is working. But IMO be ready.

Another serious problem with the ACA

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