©16 January 2014

In coming days marches celebrating the life and legacy of native Atlantan
Martin Luther King, Jr. will held in Northeastern Georgia. I wish I had the knees, back and lungs willing to march.

Each January I revive my intial memoir of Martin Luther King and the earlier days of the movement.

This year I make especial note of the cause in which Dr. King was organizing in Memphis was for workers’ rights to a decent standard of living. Today the unjust maldistirbution of power and wealth to Wall Street and the multinational corporations  (along with climate change) is the most critical problem that must be addressed. We cannot continue the economics of austerity with lavish tax exceptions and subsidies to an unregulated corporate elite while dismantling social insurance and welfare programs.  Even the manager of much of this disparity, Alan Greenspan, (unapologetically) acknoweledges the failure of his and the other economists presuppositions that led to  numbing of the soul of our once vibrant culture. This must change.

Today if I could march; any advocating for changes in the service of moral imperatives as well as pragmatics; that is where I would be.

Why March?
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