Georgia’s 9th CD Needs a Democratic Director —

[Speaking as a concerned Democrat] Georgia’s Ninth District Needs a GOOD DEMOCRAT! The Democratic Directer for the 9th CD is OPEN. People are signing up to run.The State Committee needs some good choices. Your COUNTY PARTY chairs have had all the necessary information for some time now. If it has not been passed on or […]

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s mental health is now a “national and global emergency”

News Item on Salon I join everyone in frustration of the awful helpless conditions we find ourselves in. But this is not a tv movie when we can expect a hero to show up fix things, then turn off the tv and everything is just fine. But this is wrong Why aren’t they talking […]

Notes on Guns and How we got Here

NOTES ON GUNS History: As a physician and political liberal I personally will not be satisfied until guns and all the instruments of violence disappear.  The following are observations, notes and opinions of the history of the Second Amendment, the price in lives and ruined lives of our access to lavish numbers and diversity of […]