Georgia’s 9th CD Needs a Democratic Director —

[Speaking as a concerned Democrat]

Georgia’s Ninth District Needs a
The Democratic Directer for the 9th CD is OPEN.

People are signing up to run.The State Committee needs some good choices. Your COUNTY PARTY chairs have had all the necessary information for some time now. If it has not been passed on or otherwise publicized check with your county party.

Below the pertinent section of the DPGl



Historical Note: BL5.1.1 was originally BL3.5 (Article III, Section 5) of the revised Bylaws
approved May 22, 2004. By Amendment July 29, 2006 BL3.5 was moved to this BL5.1.1.

BL5.1.1 Immediately following completion of the election of the State Officers and such acceptance speeches and other related actions as shall be required, the meeting shall be recessedby the Chair, to allow the delegates to meet by Congressional Districts, to elect Congressional

District Chairs.

BL5.1.2 State Committee Members shall meet according to the Congressional District inwhich such Members reside, under the Chairmanship of the existing Congressional DistrictChair, unless such Chair is placing himself or herself for re-election, in which case the State Chair shall appoint a Congressional District Caucus Chair to conduct the election process in suchCongressional District (which shall be the Vice-Chair, unless such Vice-Chair is placing himself or herself for election).

BL5.1.3 To the extent not provided for in the Charter, the Bylaws, or the Rules of the Convention, the most recently revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all Congressional District Caucuses. All rulings as to interpretation shall be made bythe Chair presiding at a Congressional District Caucus.

BL5.1.4 Those persons interested in running for a Congressional District Chair position shall file an “intent to run” statement with the State Party office no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting. A non-State Committee Member wishing to run for a Congressional District Chair must submit such “intent to run” with the endorsement of no less than thirty State Committee Members and submit same no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting.

BL5.1.5 All votes shall be by a show of hands or signed paper ballot as determined by each Congressional District Caucus Chair.

BL5.1.6 A quorum for the purpose of a Congressional District Caucus shall be a majority of the seated State Committee Members residing in that particular Congressional District.

Amended July 29, 2006. See BL10.3.620

BL5.1.7 Pursuant to the procedure for the Election of Congressional District Chairs under the Charter and Bylaws, each Congressional District Caucus shall proceed to elect by a majority of those State Committee Members present and voting, provided a quorum is present, a Congressional District chair.

Amended July 29, 2006. See BL10.3.6

BL5.1.8 Once the Congressional District Chair has been elected, such Chair shall appoint a Vice-Chair, except that the Vice-Chair shall be of the opposite gender of the Chair. In case of a vacancy in the position of Congressional District Chair, the Vice-Chair shall serve as Chair untilthe State Committee Members from the district elect a new Chair. If there is any vacancy of a Vice-Chair, the Congressional Chair may appoint a replacement Vice-Chair.


BL5.2.1 Each Congressional District Chair shall within their respective Congressional Districts coordinate the affairs of the Party, assist in the election of Democratic Members of Congress, review reports of the activities and membership of County Committees, assist County Committees in their operation and compliance with the Charter and Bylaws, and perform othersuch duties as may be delegated to them by the State Committee and Executive Committee.Each Congressional District Chair shall also appoint a District Coordinating Committee fromamong State Committee members residing within their Congressional Districts to assist in thperformance of these duties.

BL5.2.2 If a County lies in more than one Congressional District, the Congressional District Chairs and the County Chair for that County shall decide among themselves which Congressional District Chair shall be the Chair for that County.

BL5.2.3 Whenever a county does not have a chartered County Committee, the Congressional District Chair may appoint a person to act as that County Chair.

Civbil Liberties

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s mental health is now a “national and global emergency”

News Item on Salon

I join everyone in frustration of the awful helpless conditions we find ourselves in. But this is not a tv movie when we can expect a hero to show up fix things, then turn off the tv and everything is just fine. But this is wrong Why aren’t they talking to the Republican Cabinet and Senate Leaders? They are the only ones who have power to virtually arbitrarily remove Trump from office of the grounds of incapacity.

Our laws are very clear and complied with. Limiting the civil liberties as in involuntary prohibiting activities such as work and even gun ownership, hospitalization etc. is a civil, not medical, procedure. In Georgia a psychiatrist may hold a mentally ill person for 48 hr only on his/her professional judgement, To continue to hold for an additional 14 days there must be a court hearing, usually a judge but a jury can be requested, must be held. At 14 days another disposition court hearing must be held and often goes beyond the judge to a full jury.

ie I have no legal right to say a person is insane enough to put him/her away. And I like it that way.

Do we really want to give that political power to psychiatrists? Thank God the Am. Psychiatric Assoc. has stood firm in opposition the face of the psychologists and the Am. Psychological Assoc. collaborating with the government in war crimes of torture and illegal human experimentation studies. Totalitarian governments do this. The USSR’s psychiatrists defined sanity on the basis of political beliefs. Red China and Korea and any other examples declare dissidents as delusional and also liberally employ the use of involuntary “reeducation” camps.

We must think.

Be careful how readily we delegate power to, such as all those presidents to declare and conduct war, the ability to on the simple declaration call a state of emergency and suspend such things as habeas corpus. I promise you as a psychiatrist myself – we are one bunch of nuts you don’t want to empower.

Here is the link to the advocacy site.


Notes on Guns and How we got Here



As a physician and political liberal I personally will not be satisfied until guns and all the instruments of violence disappear.  The following are observations, notes and opinions of the history of the Second Amendment, the price in lives and ruined lives of our access to lavish numbers and diversity of firearms. Finally calling on  my knowledge and experience as a psychiatrist the problem of profiling potential danger to others or self.

An accident of discovery while researching my family history I became engaged in an exploration of the Second Amendment and the context in which it was enacted. As well I will look at the roots of the intense attachment to personal firearms by so many Americans today. The theories are mine based on my interpretations.

Most of the early settlements of North America were commercial enterprises and defense and security provided by local private and community “militias.”  With  Colonization this was the tradition.  In other words local militias were a well established tradition by the time of the formation of the US government.  Also there was little of a standing military at the beginning which added to the reliance on local security.  I have until recently assumed this is what was being referred to in the Second Amendment.

But why in the world have a full amendment, second of the “Bill of Rights?”   The answer in my  view has to be political to please a certain constituency.  I have come to the conclusion that indeed the original intent was to endow the citizens with the tools to usurp a government considered oppressive. Though there are a number of abusive practices of governments listed in list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence, taxation being a revolution producing issue.

Another factor at the founding is the Kentucky long rifle and the frontiersmen who wielded them. It was the revolutionaries’ weapon of mass destruction and out performing anything the Brits had 4-5:1 A mythology developed around it like that around the Spitfires of WWII That it was also a provider of food it also had served to make possible the invasion of Native American lands.  The Appalachians were the frontier and following the War of Revolution became settlements for veterans. Georgia’s mountain counties first European settlers were veterans of the war.   Tgey I think were the political constituents though of course the slave owners were invested in being able to have the tools to suppress slave resistance.  They were constantly paranoid in fear of slave revolts.

In doing my own family history I have been able to glean a lot of sense of the times by reading contemporaneous accounts  from our family letters and other writing. There is also a lot of material online. One of the greatest are county histories done in 1876 in commemoration of the Founding.  One such, I think it is Pendleton Co. Ky describes the love affair of the people with their rifles.(I will try to find the reference and include it.)   There is also a great contemporaneous diary of observations of the “character of the America people.” By Fannie Trollope in the earliest 1800.  Along the Ohio River and into the mountains you the rhetoric and I think character is virtually identical with our Tea Party folks.

So there you have it dep roots and deep passion and not a lot of trickling in of 20th, much less 21st Century perspectives.  Any No. Ga. Candidate has to I now realize and honor the roots and history before proceeding to persuade for the change in gun laws. And now is not the time to try to  seek repeal of the 2nd Amendment as even this liberal- is on the way to finding a long rifle to deal with this destructive government.

The price of virtually unlimited access to personal firearms.

We all know the price and the numbers and pictures and testimonials keep coming. I am among the many who have witnessed the faces of children blown away by accident and the lifetime emotional impact of survivors of the suicide or murder of family. We can’t avoid noting it but using it as a hammer to change minds hasn’t and won’t be enough. If anything it is desensitizing to reasoning generally.

As a psychiatrist I can testify to the fact the even the slightest of limitation of acces will save many lives. And some of my patiets told me so.  So often the killing is on impulse.  I always insisted that if they owned guns they be locked away for example in the trunk of the car.   I have had people change their mind about suicide while looking for the key to the gun locker or trunk. Just that little makes a difference.  I personally as a pacifist would never own a gun or use one even in self defense but I do understand those who feel the need.  What I can’t see is needed are these rapid fire weapons with huge magazines.  Surely no home invasion short of a national army requires more the large magazines?

There is also the issue of arming our police with weapons not intended to stop a crime but to kill with a few of these awful bullets designed for the military.  If the public does not have easy access to the rapid fire killing machines the police don’t need to have them.

Don’t get distracted by trying to profile and isolate potential killers.

As a psychiatrist I say without equivocation say it can’t be done with any accuracy. We must try of course but it will  only miss many who will and safeguards to protect civil liberties must be strict.    Being mentally ill per se does not predispose to violence.  There can be some indicators sufficient to treat, even coerce into treatment but that ultimately is a legal and not a psychiatric determination and must be rare and minimal.  It is a road the NRA and the GOP would like for us to follow because it arouses such interest.  It is always easy to look back and interpret clues but not easy to understand there meaning in the here and now.

That said, as with all other health care that available for mental illness is sadly lacking and increasing quality and availability to services will I have no doubt at the macro level save lives.  It is my own observation of history however that addressing the anxiety and desperation of  poverty will save more lives.

It has been observed that people do things because they can.  If a gun is close at hand you can be sure someone will sooner or later do something bad with it.


W. Lorraine Watkins – June 9, 2019