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I join everyone in frustration of the awful helpless conditions we find ourselves in. But this is not a tv movie when we can expect a hero to show up fix things, then turn off the tv and everything is just fine. But this is wrong Why aren’t they talking to the Republican Cabinet and Senate Leaders? They are the only ones who have power to virtually arbitrarily remove Trump from office of the grounds of incapacity.

Our laws are very clear and complied with. Limiting the civil liberties as in involuntary prohibiting activities such as work and even gun ownership, hospitalization etc. is a civil, not medical, procedure. In Georgia a psychiatrist may hold a mentally ill person for 48 hr only on his/her professional judgement, To continue to hold for an additional 14 days there must be a court hearing, usually a judge but a jury can be requested, must be held. At 14 days another disposition court hearing must be held and often goes beyond the judge to a full jury.

ie I have no legal right to say a person is insane enough to put him/her away. And I like it that way.

Do we really want to give that political power to psychiatrists? Thank God the Am. Psychiatric Assoc. has stood firm in opposition the face of the psychologists and the Am. Psychological Assoc. collaborating with the government in war crimes of torture and illegal human experimentation studies. Totalitarian governments do this. The USSR’s psychiatrists defined sanity on the basis of political beliefs. Red China and Korea and any other examples declare dissidents as delusional and also liberally employ the use of involuntary “reeducation” camps.

We must think.

Be careful how readily we delegate power to, such as all those presidents to declare and conduct war, the ability to on the simple declaration call a state of emergency and suspend such things as habeas corpus. I promise you as a psychiatrist myself – we are one bunch of nuts you don’t want to empower.

Here is the link to the advocacy site.

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s mental health is now a “national and global emergency”