[Speaking as a concerned Democrat]

Georgia’s Ninth District Needs a
The Democratic Directer for the 9th CD is OPEN.

People are signing up to run.The State Committee needs some good choices. Your COUNTY PARTY chairs have had all the necessary information for some time now. If it has not been passed on or otherwise publicized check with your county party.

Below the pertinent section of the DPGl



Historical Note: BL5.1.1 was originally BL3.5 (Article III, Section 5) of the revised Bylaws
approved May 22, 2004. By Amendment July 29, 2006 BL3.5 was moved to this BL5.1.1.

BL5.1.1 Immediately following completion of the election of the State Officers and such acceptance speeches and other related actions as shall be required, the meeting shall be recessedby the Chair, to allow the delegates to meet by Congressional Districts, to elect Congressional

District Chairs.

BL5.1.2 State Committee Members shall meet according to the Congressional District inwhich such Members reside, under the Chairmanship of the existing Congressional DistrictChair, unless such Chair is placing himself or herself for re-election, in which case the State Chair shall appoint a Congressional District Caucus Chair to conduct the election process in suchCongressional District (which shall be the Vice-Chair, unless such Vice-Chair is placing himself or herself for election).

BL5.1.3 To the extent not provided for in the Charter, the Bylaws, or the Rules of the Convention, the most recently revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all Congressional District Caucuses. All rulings as to interpretation shall be made bythe Chair presiding at a Congressional District Caucus.

BL5.1.4 Those persons interested in running for a Congressional District Chair position shall file an “intent to run” statement with the State Party office no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting. A non-State Committee Member wishing to run for a Congressional District Chair must submit such “intent to run” with the endorsement of no less than thirty State Committee Members and submit same no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting.

BL5.1.5 All votes shall be by a show of hands or signed paper ballot as determined by each Congressional District Caucus Chair.

BL5.1.6 A quorum for the purpose of a Congressional District Caucus shall be a majority of the seated State Committee Members residing in that particular Congressional District.

Amended July 29, 2006. See BL10.3.620

BL5.1.7 Pursuant to the procedure for the Election of Congressional District Chairs under the Charter and Bylaws, each Congressional District Caucus shall proceed to elect by a majority of those State Committee Members present and voting, provided a quorum is present, a Congressional District chair.

Amended July 29, 2006. See BL10.3.6

BL5.1.8 Once the Congressional District Chair has been elected, such Chair shall appoint a Vice-Chair, except that the Vice-Chair shall be of the opposite gender of the Chair. In case of a vacancy in the position of Congressional District Chair, the Vice-Chair shall serve as Chair untilthe State Committee Members from the district elect a new Chair. If there is any vacancy of a Vice-Chair, the Congressional Chair may appoint a replacement Vice-Chair.


BL5.2.1 Each Congressional District Chair shall within their respective Congressional Districts coordinate the affairs of the Party, assist in the election of Democratic Members of Congress, review reports of the activities and membership of County Committees, assist County Committees in their operation and compliance with the Charter and Bylaws, and perform othersuch duties as may be delegated to them by the State Committee and Executive Committee.Each Congressional District Chair shall also appoint a District Coordinating Committee fromamong State Committee members residing within their Congressional Districts to assist in thperformance of these duties.

BL5.2.2 If a County lies in more than one Congressional District, the Congressional District Chairs and the County Chair for that County shall decide among themselves which Congressional District Chair shall be the Chair for that County.

BL5.2.3 Whenever a county does not have a chartered County Committee, the Congressional District Chair may appoint a person to act as that County Chair.

Georgia’s 9th CD Needs a Democratic Director —