Today would have been my mom’s 97th birthday…my Mom was so eccentric I’ll never forget stopping at someone’s farm and my mother asking if me and my sisters could ride their horse! Low and behold they said sure… a thank you my mom baked them a cake with a toy horse on top…..we had some real adventures with my mom on our “Sunday Drives”. While visiting the Amish Country in Lancaster, PA she drove up to an Amish family home, knocked on the door and asked if we might come in and look around, they said sure….she purchased sun bonnets for each of us girls from the mother who was sewing on her old fashion peddle sewing machine She never saw a NO TRESPASSING sign that deterred her  — Melissa Teague April 22, 2019 ·


Melissa has shared more of the environment that her mother made  a joyful place in which to grow up.  It is an awesome example of the magic loving and determined mothers perform for their families and the adults their children will become. – Ed.

One more tidbit which you do not have to add is my dad, a brilliant Chemical Engineer suffered a major stroke while on a business trip at age 47 becoming partially paralysed he then died 5 years later after having a heart attack. My mother was left a widow with 5 children at age 46 (I have 2much older brothers) She managed to see all of us 5 kids graduate from college, something that made her most proud.

After my dad died when I was just 14 my mom single handedly built a room onto our house by reading books she brought home from the library. She hand cut the exterior stone with a chisel, she was an artist, a poet, a gardener and a remarkable bridge player.”  — Melissa Teague April 27, 2019