My mom, Bettye S. Williams, married after 2 years of college. After having three children she went back, got her B.A. and her M.A. in counseling. She was a teacher, the preacher’s wife, taught Sunday School, played the organ, directed the choir and led a women’s circle. She always worked..first as a teacher, then as a counselor, then school counselor, then as Assistant Director of Special Education for our district and finally as a school principal.

She was a strong woman who cared for my dad the first 8 years of his Alzheimer’s.



She lived with me for a couple of years during the last three years of her life. What a wonderful time we had talking and laughing together. She died, on my birthday, 3 months after my dad passed. Mother was a true southern lady…never left the house without full make-up, her hair perfectly in place and her nails and toes done. She taught me to be strong and to be a leader. I miss her dearly! – Beth Williams April 30, 2019



Ed. Note:  With Beth’s permission I am adding her message accompanying her sharing of her tribute to her hero.  She eloquently describes the feelings most share.

“I really appreciate this opportunity to share with others the story of my mom. She was an AWESOME pianist and organist. She has only been gone for 4 years and I don’t think that the pain of losing her has subsided very much! But will always have wonderful memories.”