Mamie Lou Crowley Wilson

Lord knows most of us know how to love and give love because of our mothers. My blessed mother, Mamie Lou Crowley Wilson, passed away at 59 years of age with a primary malignant brain tumor. She raised four daughters; I was the oldest.

June_litttlenurse I have many happy memories as a young girl — especially of us dressing up at Easter and  putting those bonnets on and getting all dressed up even if my Mother had to sew our  new clothes.

I have never gotten over watching my mother go through the slow decline and then death from cancer. She was so brave and I hope I can be that brave when my time comes.

After moving to Atlanta from Alabama and after my youngest sister entered elementary school , my Mother worked many years at Grady Hospital not as a nurse but at the central information desk. She always taught us to have a heart and to help our neighbors and those less fortunate than us.

In honor of my Mother and of Mothers everywhere, I am submitting this biography of Mother Teresa who exhibited the love and service my mother taught us by her example and words as best she could. Thanks to mothers all over the world. –


June Krise, RN May 6, 2019


Ed. Note: When I received this lovely tribute from June I replied that I wish I had known her mother then realized I probably had as our paths likely crossed during my tenures at Grady.  Grady people, the entire staff are special. When confronted with the impossible they do it anyway with love and compassion and persistence. Then at the end of a day go  home to bring up sons and daughters as caring and willing as June.