When women get together things happen More often than not when men get together it is to start a war.

The 9th DDDWN in the first almost three years of existence has had success in gathering gratifying numbers of North Georgia women who come together in meetings or other media attend and share so much of substance. And there is no shortage of opinions.

We are therefore creating this Op-Ed section to be permit extended discussions and server as a semi-permanent repository. Though the 9th DDWN does not endorse any positions (including those by your editor) any topic and any opinion is welcome,

I have just completed a rewrite of our brief survey of the history of American feminism. and am still in the thrall of realizing the extraordinary diversity of the women who struggled together and in fact actualized the vote for women .as They were wives and daughters of millionaire industrial magnates and the daughters and granddaughters of black African slaves and immigrants and frontier stock. Their politics varied from American capitalism to Marxist communists and not a few were anarchists. The first female candidate for president would make Stormy Daniels blush in her ideas of sexual freedom for women.Most just wanted the right to self determination and equal respect under the law and culturally.

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Your Editor, W. Lorraine Watkins 10/21/2017

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