ACA – A radical restructuring of health care

The various provisions of the ACA are kicking in and I am alarmed at what I see as serious design flaws that in the name of cost cutting will radically change the nature of the practice of medicine. I am posting my observations and some links to the professional journals etc. with examples of recommendations […]

I am Malala – a review

This is an informative book, making almost comprehensible many of the cultural/religious streams of thought that create and influence the politics and movements in the cultures of Pakistan, especially the tribal lands. The ghost writing is evident in the reportorial style of writing but acceptable considering the nature of the book. Malala presents as a […]

Comment on: “Tom Watson’s mean streak maligned his political foes”

This is in response to a Gainesville Times column y Johnny Vardeman that appeared in the October 27, 2013 issue. Mr. Vardeman’s column may be read here: Statues of individuals in the environs of governing are put there not just to tell history but to celebrate the individual. “Mean streak indeed!” It is hard to […]

Times special report: Is the health act affordable?

This is a transcription of my comments on the Gainesville Times article by the above title in today’s paper. But the real question is not can we afford what is essential for life? The question more appropriately is: Can the United States afford to serve up the ill and disabled as a source for immense […]

Thoughts on energy

From my  summary comments on The Times of Gainesville, Georgia blog last week. There is no doubt we have already been delayed in making the critical decisions around energy for far too long. It now is, if possible, even more vital that the sources of information on which these decisions are made and supported be […]

Public Works and Violence

I don’t believe limiting or at least delaying access to lethal weapons will resolve all or even most issues of alienation and violence. I also don’t see how unlimited access is related to freedom. Knowing of and fearing violence in this country has already led to severe limitations on travel and full joyful participation in […]

Book Review: What Kinship is and What it is Not.

This is a two part essay by Marshall Sahlins, well regarded anthropologist who recently resigned from the National Academy of Sciences  in protest of the body’s election of Napoleon Chagon to membership.  The NPR account of this caught my eye and I picked up the book. For me this was a difficult read but I […]