Well I am getting a bit of a slow start on this revival. For Claudette the charm of the computer display endures but Alex decided not to follow the altar downstairs with the move of the computer. Claudette on the other hand continues the rituals of worship first swishing several times back and forth obscuring the screen then, especially when it is chilly, settling down to my chest and belly, head against my chin. All tends to prolong the worship and delay the creative juices. I think I will get for her one of those kangaroo pouches that mothers use to carry their newborns in. It may free my hands and vision at least.

I have been looking back to the earlier diaries and must admit some great plans have been around a long time and yet to be actualized.

Cooking or rather learning to cook enjoyably in the process and in the product is one. I was so enthusiastic with my then new dicta to change the life style or die. But with time the notion has taken hold that to get too hung up on the avoiding is to miss the spontaneity and opportunities of the day.

As I was feasting on a breakfast of scrambled pancakes and fried egg chips this morning the wish came that I had spent a bit more time learning how to fry an egg over easy before abandoning the project for other great plans.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Slow Starts

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