We are now so divided, really individual fragments of limited and out of context knowledge and beliefs. It seems we have no common identity and no common history. No common thread. IMO the public schools of the 19th and 20th century provided this consistency from common experience.

It is now difficult to get across the recognition of common interests and concepts of acting collaboratively or as groups even among many progressive/liberals. As and example, even the concept of public health is no longer understood by many I would consider intellectuals. I think much of this can be attributed to the virtual dismantling of a once best in the universe public school system by the politicians and all the politically ideologically inspired efforts to re-form have been disastrous.

The concept of public schooling as essential for nation building arrived with the Pilgrims. (yes I know education of the public was done in many private institutions initially and no. It was never perfect.) As with medicine the concept of education as a profession to be left to the professionals is what makes it work. Shifting to other models is failing.

I have immense sympathy for the educators in the public school for continuing to soldier on. I see no help for them in the near future.—

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