I don’t believe limiting or at least delaying access to lethal weapons will resolve all or even most issues of alienation and violence. I also don’t see how unlimited access is related to freedom.

Knowing of and fearing violence in this country has already led to severe limitations on travel and full joyful participation in certain public events and the fear continues to spread.  Now every time I shop at the Gainesvile  PetSmart I wonder if the people in front of me are likely to pull out guns as they did a few weeks ago. Now I find myself being less trustful and friendly in chatting with strangers standing in line.

While individual pursuits bring their own esteem and joy, participation with others in common ventures and goals bring trust and the sense of importance and belonging. It diminishes the feelings of alienation that drives the rage at and fear of faceless others (the public) that creates mass killers.  IMO we as a culture have tipped the balance too far away from public projects in favor of privatization of enterprises which by definition lead to a less cooperative and more competitive, even dangerous social atmosphere. Inevitably there are those who become so excluded by lack of power, fraud, random chance or incompetence that they become alienated and fodder for violence.

Average people living in nations that have public spaces and shared activities along with a modicum of decent conditions of living are just more peaceful and happier. The need for collaborative national events, projects and goals is proven in the very fact that “terrorism” is defined as violence against the public and those episodes do bring so more widespread reactions than “private violence.”  About the only projects of any size the citizens in this nation have shared in for years is the violence of war.

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