They sing songs without words _____ knowing that
somewhere there is a mate that understands
– a low clear call in the night
— a joyful melody at dawn
— or a vesper lyric at sundown

love songs thrown to the sky carried by the winds ….
And so they mate ____ and build their homes and
while the young ones chirp __ they feed them well and
show each one the wondrous way of birds  — for soon
the young will leave the nest to sing their own songs _
___ find their own food ____ and know the freedom
of independence …….

They may pass from time to time _____ and travel
together across the miles ___ each to himself ____
yet __ bound by common ways ……..

When the south wind begins to blow __
and the earth turns green with life ___

Love springs anew ____
and ancient songs are heard again
Songs of the wild ___
the beautiful ____ and free ……..   ~~~Gwen Frostic ~ 1965

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