I came to the liberal Democratic position by way of Liberal Republicanism in Atlanta in the time of Jim Crow and the shadow of Eugene Talmadge.

I don’t have the capacity to do much but observe but we must in some way come together City and Rural and especially old and YOUNG as the party of racial and economic justice for the people who make this country work; middle class small business and blue collar alike.

Though you cannot think about Georgia without race being part of it. I don’t want to address that in this context; other than to say,. the culture is moving all of us forward and the Democratic Party must embrace their progressivism in this arena also.

I thought I knew Georgia politics through the 40 some years of living in Atlanta. But with my move to rural North Georgia about 15 yr ago I for the first time began to discover the rural conservative Democrats who never made the shift and still long for the times of dominance before integration. I love them as neighbors and colleagues but am constantly frustrated with the parochialism that these tiny counties promote if not create.

The rural areas still dominate our leadership and the naming of the fund for the special favorites and high end donors was named just this election cycle “The Yellow Dog Club” We were presented with legacy candidates hearkening back to another time. No better proof of the need for change.

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