And another of the dearest of the dear friends has ended her earthy journey.  Joan King. The banner photo reminds me of her driveway. The video is how I know she would like t her parting message to be framed.

I love you Joan. I will miss you terribly.


I had thought I was moving to the lake but as years progressed it became clear that the culture of the mountains captures and  often frustrates. Lakesides are change and movement, and lately brewed beer and laughter, daring and leaving. Mountains are Biblical in the pace of their creeping but relentless thrusts. The fossil of an ancient fern in a flagstone of my fireplace, held by the mountains millions of millennia, reminds me of the permanence of life once lived.

The above banner chosen for this weblog, though it is borrowed from a commercial theme, could be an image of the driveway to one of my first and still best friends since the removal from the toney metro Atlanta burb Dunwoody. This video recorded one afternoon at that destination evoked is representative of how life after Dunwoody began.

I believe this Mountain Diary will be somewhat of a summing up that entering the ninth decade seems to call for. The out of sorts” state of the world calls for incorporation, As the usual process of coming to terms with death is disrupted by a time when there is risk of the  ending of whole world and its creatures of this geologic era.  One who naturally examines and legacy one wonders if it will find place. My fireplace fossil offers solace.

There is an archive  link which includes the text of some of my prior random posts from various sources. The years covered were years of great challenge and considerable accomplishment and are tiny  data points that comprise the pattern of this growing old. And earlier daily diary Morning Worship has its own website and is in the early phases of restoration.

I  also plan to be adding, opinion and the political  as  I  restore my weblog Firefliesandbonfires which is my primary outlet for public ranting and polemics,  My other sites speak more of the personal me.