Life After Dunwoody

I had thought I was moving to the lake but as years progressed it became clear that the culture of the mountains captures and  often frustrates. Lakesides are change and movement, and lately brewed beer and laughter, daring and leaving. Mountains are Biblical in the pace of their creeping but relentless thrusts. The fossil of an ancient fern in a flagstone of my fireplace, held by the mountains millions of millennia, reminds me of the permanence of life once lived.

The above banner chosen for this weblog, though it is borrowed from a commercial theme, could be an image of the driveway to one of my first and still best friends since the removal from the toney metro Atlanta burb Dunwoody. This video recorded one afternoon at that destination evoked is representative of how life after Dunwoody began.

The archive menu on the right links a past diary, Morning Worship.Reading through some of the posts I am reminded of an experience I had one of the past times I went back into Atlanta. As I came to a changed but well known intersection I thought to myself; “the last time I was here I was in love. I am changed.”

Ten years ago I added the Morning Worship weblog  of the link to my creations for the Internet Having just finally finished the 10 year book project, I had a lot of writing in me. Also the politics was beginning to become scary and I wanted to consciously focus on that which is positive. With some editing the Morning Worship archive is the anchor of this continuing diary.

In 2009 I wrote “Though it has only been a couple of years since doing the weblog (and 20 years since being in love)

I am today aware if how different I feel. The metrics of the endless visits to the medical people and places have remained the same. I feel a little less vigor and I hurt a little more. My views as to how the world works or I would like it to be are the same. But something is gone. I am changed.

I fear acknowledging it; but I think optimism is fading, my lifetime belief in the inevitability of  reasoning man at the brink always coming through, .

Reading through the 2009-2010 posts as I migrate them into this Word Press I do feel uplifted. The diary entries are mostly on site as posts but without graphics and plugins. I will be gradually restoring them to original quality as technology allows but it will be a slow process.

I plan to be adding, perhaps less frequently, new material that I find uplifting and promising. For opinion and the political  I am restoring my weblog Firefliesandbonfires which is my primary opinion and political depository. My other sites speak more of the personal me.