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Summer Days

This summer’s transient heat waves and droughts bring now dread of the future as the global temperature continues its relentless rise, fed on the feast of Methane and CO2 the bankers continue to serve up. For me it also brings memories of childhood summer days and nights.  A child of the Drought and Dust of… Continue reading Summer Days

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My 88 year love affair

Brother David’s birthday was this past Friday and it is now 88 years for me in a couple of weeks. These and the anniversary of my graduation from medical school June 6, 1957 inspired me to revisit an old entry. Little has changed other than the nerves in the eyes are beginning to go. I… Continue reading My 88 year love affair

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Memories of Summer Nights

On most of my websites one finds a leitmotif of the seasons.  In my once profession of Child Psychiatry we recognized that the best ally our healing efforts have is normal development. Organic change as in normal maturation or the cycle of the seasons imposes on the planet’s living creatures  imperatives that can be relied… Continue reading Memories of Summer Nights

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