Morning Worship is back.  I hope.

This reinvention of Morning Worship began with the intent to get back online the diaries I wrote over a period of about two and a half years, Fall 2009 and 2010-11

claudette_ed2smI began the original Morning Worship in reaction to discovering myself so immersed in the acidic rancor and irrationality of politics and other bad news that my communications were beginning to sound like I had been sucking on pickles all day. I committed to less time with the strident  blogs and TV soaking through my pores, replacing them with painting, writing and reading. For the writing the aim was  to try every day to write down and share something from which I hope others, as well as I, can take positive inspiration.

Getting the archive into a modern format required a rereading of most of the essays. It proved to be quite a task but enlightening.  As I read through them I am reminded of how gratifying the writing process is in its self. I have also been somewhat stunned to recognize how consistent and how familiar so much of the material is.

alex-cat_350It  leads me to  wonder if I have learned all I will and have said all I have to say.  I am therefore hoping to solicit from friends and friends of friends some who might in general share my wish for more measured voices and be willing to contribute to this endeavor.

To those who followed the original, my nuclear family goes happily. Two survive and love even more. Claudette has not survived the time.  She lies among the daffodils with Louise and Pete and Peggy Sue.   The Buddha Cat which I left you with a year and a half ago has survived.

I hope for this “New Morning” to be the beginning of a new learning and, perhaps, some forgetting.

Update:  May 14, 2016. Well  now there is more remembering and forgetting to do.  Our Sweet Alex has left the room.  I had begun letting him out a little and he was enjoying it so much.  Then one evening I saw him head past the back hedges. He never came home.  So we begin with Buddha Kitty and a lot of remorse that no amount of rationalization and fantasy relieves.


As the world turns I have decided to bring a feral I have been feeding for about a year in.  This is Jack. So far he is wonderful and clings to me like a wet tee-shirt.  I would love to know his history but he is so gentle and human sensitive he must have had a loving  kittenhood.

Jack’s story may be read here.


Update June 1, 2016,  The unbelievable has happened.  Alex came home a few hours ago. He had been gone since May 2.  Our mutual joy cannot be described.  I am still convincing myself this is not just the dream I have dreamed many nights.


Each day   is certainly the time of making new plans, and resolutions. So join me in setting out to discover new ideas and  new experiences.


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