09/11/09 18:22

Been a bit negligent. Best explanation lies in a notion attributed to Buddha; you can’t feed them until the milk flows. Guess that applies to one’s self also. In any event the words just weren’t flowing, and likely today to be erratic in so doing.

Had the 2 year mammogram today at the palace on Jesse Jewell. The receptionist was backed by one of those falling water panels and my quiet waiting room had a panel of changing photographs of flowers and such. Not much opportunity for human interaction. Certainly no room for disturbing displays of emotion.

In my day hospitals and labs were substantial; no frills; intended to be there for a long time; walls to absorb and preserve the ranges of emotions poured into the just big enough waiting and working spaces.

Watching the tech set up for the mammogram I recalled that my office in the Emory Clinic was in the basement, just across from Ted Leigh’s office. We often chatted as Ted peered at thousands of views of images views and exposures of breasts. In fact in being witness to his research, I was present at the invention of the mammogram.

I seem to recall from the far past that there was a movie short subject series named “You Were There.” At the hospital my office was always a bar stool at the counter behind the nurses’ station. Lots of interaction among all levels of staff and anyone who wandered by. Late at night there would often be an infant with the colic or ear ache in a nurse’s lap; or a sleepless child at the desk drawing on blank progress note forms.

Today one thing has not changed. I found myself straining to read the body language of the tech for some indication of what those pictures of my remaining part reveal, trying to ignore thoughts of potential consequences, either way. Surely surely those who strive to write the rules and set the priorities and “were there” will act on their awareness that succor for the suffering is not simply a business model or an architectural challenge.

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